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Super skunk

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Sunny / Mediterranean
Average height gain
Flowering:  45 - 50 days
Yield: Heavy Yield
80% Indica

The skunk family was initially bred to be a good indoors option; Super Skunk Feminized is an excellent example of the success of this effort. However, that doesn’t mean that the plants have to be grown inside. In Mediterranean climates, for example, Super Skunk Feminized will thrive outdoors. It also does well in a greenhouse. When grown in these conditions, it’s not uncommon for the plants to grow to the size of small trees, especially if the summer is long and warm. Super Skunk Feminized is rather different, with a smoother, fruitier aroma. The Afghan parentage shines through, with earthy, spicy base-notes which are particularly strong during the flowering period. Indoor growers should be aware that this smell intensifies as harvest approaches. Once the buds are cured, they produce a more mellow version of the original scent, which is echoed in the taste. The citrus sweetness complements the warmer earthy notes perfectly. As for the effects that Super Skunk Feminized produces, most users describe it as a blend of uplifting contentment and relaxation. The euphoric lift is due to the sativa content, while the dominant indica genetics create a sense of calm. Some users value this strain for its ability to counteract feelings of stress and tension.


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Super skunk feminiseret 5 stk.

Super skunk feminiseret 5 stk.