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Dinamed CBD Plus 3 stk

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Dinamed CBD Plus 3 stk.

Suitable forIndoors and outdoors
CrossDinamed CBD 5 x Dinamed CBD 5
Genotype40% Indica/60% Sativa
Indoor flowering period55-60 days
Outdoor harvest timeLate September / Early October
Indoor yieldUp to 500 g/m2
Outdoor yieldUp to 1000 g/plant
Outdoor heightUp to 3 m

Dinamed CBD Plus by Dinafem Seeds is a sativa-dominant feminised cannabis seed whose origins are in a self-cross of Dinamed CBD 5, an outstanding CBD-high strain resulting from a rigorous selection process. This project set forth when Dinafem Seeds’ team of breeders thought including a version of Dinamed CBD with extra CBD could be a great idea, and it most certainly was. We’re sure that this strain with up to 20 % CBD and less than 1 % THC will bring them great success. A stable and heavy-yielding hybrid with no psychoactive effects but with major medicinal properties that will seduce therapeutic users and cannabis lovers who flee the psychoactive effects of THC!

Dinamed CBD Plus is a rather big and branchy marijuana plant that grows evenly producing incredibly bountiful crops. Besides, during the flowering stage, she might take on beautiful purplish hues if nighttime temperatures are particularly cool. Her cone-shaped buds are covered by a thick and smelly layer of resin that is less sticky than usual but far richer in cannabinoids.

Dinamed CBD Plus showcases intensely sweet and zesty flavours with very familiar fruity undertones. As is to be expected from a CBD-high and THC-low strain, her effect is relaxing, soothing and, of course, psychoactivity-free. Given her incredible pain-relieving properties, she’s very interesting from a therapeutic point of view. Not only is she an effective analgesic, muscle relaxant, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic or anti-inflammatory, but she is also useful in the treatment of stress, anxiety or insomnia.


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Dinamed CBD Plus 3 stk

Dinamed CBD Plus 3 stk